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Okroyan MO "Art Deco sculpture: From Root to Flourishing" (in 2 vol, Moscow: Russian Art Institute, 2008-2011)

This edition is the first such monograph published in Russia, which reveals to readers the full diversity of the unique artistry of the sculptors of Art Deco period. It is based on images of objects from the internationally recognised collection of Mkrtich Okroyan. This collection have been formed over 15 years and contains hundreds of truly rare masterpieces.

Sculptures represented in the two-volume book are shown in alphabetical order. Readers will become familiar with the works of the outstanding sculptors of 1920s and 1930s, who worked with chryselephantine techniques. Included in the first volume are those sculptors whose names begin with "A" to "D" inclusive. Especially careful attention is paid to the works of one of the most famous sculptors of Art Deco period: Demetre Chiparus.

The extensive historical and background material collected by the authors of the book, introducing the reader to the origins of the style, reflects the influence of Russian art on western culture in the first half of the XXth century, and will underline the crucial importance in the formation of this style of sculpture in the 1920s and 1930s, and most significantly it will give a clearer understanding of the inimitable spirit of the remarkable era of Art Deco.

The book is available in museum shop. Price - 6000 RUB (for both volumes), 3500 RUB (for 1 volume).

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Exhibition catalog «Körperkultur. Body culture in Germany and USSR, 1910 – 1930-s»

In Germany in 1910-1930’s we see an explosion of body culture, mostly of naked body (Nacktkultur). Books and brochures devoted to the beauty of the body, accompanied by pictures of naked women and men performing solo dance, choral mass movement or various gymnastic exercises were published in large editions. This period is connected with the activity of many outstanding experimentalists in the field of gymnastics, rhythm plastic and modern dance as well as with active study of fixation of motion in painting and mainly in photography. 

The main part of exhibition is Ferdinand Preiss sculptures, paintings by Nikolai Zagrekov, Russian-German artist, pupil of II Mashkov and PP Konchalovsky, who emigrated in Berlin in early 1920s and stayed there forever.

Paintings and sculptures in the exhibition space supplemented by video and photo documentary, including rare photos of Meyerhold biomechanic lessons from the collection of State Theatre museum named after Bakhrushin. 

The catalogue is available in museum shop. Price 500 RUB.