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Previous events

JAZZ THURSDAY: Oleg Lipatov invites.. 

October, 22nd, 7 pm: In the Theater hall of the Art Deco Museum the THREE"O" jazz band celebrates its 30th anniversary.

"ART-PERSON" media-platform: Larisa Talis "Life in the art deco style" 

October, 22nd, 7 pm: The architect Larisa Talis tells about the "Life in the art deco style": the art deco in fashion and architecture. 
Language: russian.

October, 24: "Anna Snegina" by "Amadei" Theater 

October, 24, 6 pm: The "Amadei" Theater performs "Anna Snegina" in the Theater hall of the Art Deco Museum.
Language: russian.

October,29: "ART-PERSON" media-platform: writer Elena Kotova "Art deco in literature" 

October,29, 7pm: The writer Elena Kotova will speak about the art deco in literature and answer your questions!

Language: russian.

November, 5: "ART-PERSON" media-platform: Margarita Gorodova presents her monography 

November, 5th, 7 pm: "ART-PERSON" media-platform: Doctor of Art History Margarita Gorodova will  present her monography "The Kitovras science. The paradigm of the old-russian temple".

Language: russian.

November, 6: "Between the past and the future" by the "Portal" Theater 

November, 6th, 7 pm: The verbatim performance "Between the past and the future" by the "Portal" Theater will take place in the Theater hall of the Art Deco Museum. 

Language: russian.

MOSCOW ART NIGHT in the Art Deco Museum 

November, 3rd, 7pm - midnight: the Art Deco Museum participates in the Moscow Art Night project!

8 pm - 10 pm: workshop "Dialog with the modern art. Learning to draw"

8 pm - 9:30 pm: Lecture "Art deco - the world of luxury" 

11 pm - midnight: "Amadei" theater - musical present "Violin and guitare: from Mozart to Piazzolla"

All the events are free of charge.