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Getting here

Art deco museum

Luzhnetskaya quay 2/4, build. 4 (10 min. walk from Vorobyevy Gory  metro station)

Directions – on foot:

-       The closest metro station is Vorobyovy Gory.

-       Leave the train and step on the elevator near the last car of the train (in the direction of Luzhnetskaya quay).

-       Exit the elevator and turn right. Exit the glass doors of the metro station and turn left.

-       Then walk along the metro bridge to the gate arm.

-       Pass it, and you will see the Olympic Committee building. Turn right towards the river. Reach the quay and turn left.

-       Walk down the quay. On the left you will see the Soyuz plant. There will be a number of gate houses along the way. Reach the last gate house (near the 3rd ring road).

-       Go through it and you will see a red brick building with a glass upper floor.

-       Go through the revolving door – welcome to the Art deco museum.

Directions – by car

-       Turn on to the metro bridge from Vernadskogo Avenue and drive along it.

-       Then turn right onto Khamovnicheskiy Val street.

-       Turn right again in the direction of the quay.

-       Turn right once again, pass under the bridge and turn right at the nearest gate house.

-       The museum is located in a business center (a red brick building with a glass upper floor).

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